untitled Cut your phone bill by 30-50% by utilizing our VOIP services. We provide to our customers reliable, secure, cost effective on premise and hosted VOIP solutions, as well as customized Unified Communications platform based on proven technologies. Why use voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) hardware in your small business? Because VoIP lets you combine voice, data, and video into a single, easy-to-manage service. Why VoIP? VoIP (voice over IP) allows you to have your phone line on an IP (Internet protocol) network. By combining all of your communications-everything from voice to data to video-you can enjoy a cost-effective, easy-to-use business solution full of features that help you do business better. How VoIP Helps You focus on What Matters: Your Business When you switch to an IP-based unified communications system, you’ll find that you can increase productivity because you’ve combine and simplified your communication tools. You can secure your voice and data more strongly. And you can make it easier for your employees to maintain access to your network, whether at work or at home. Why VoIP helps you cut costs You’ll spend less money on travel by using online conferencing, easy-to-use video calls, and other tools for better collaboration You’ll find that it’s easy to add extra phone lines, because VoIP lets you send multiple phone calls across your IP network Why VoIP helps you improve communication with customers and employees Your employees will have more ways to stay connected With unified communications, you’ll see that it’s easy to work remotely from any place with an Internet connection VoIP lets you have many features without paying extra fees Voicemail Caller ID conferencing forwarding Unlimited long distance With a unified communications system specified and installed by Alternative Network Technologies, you’ll spend less time focusing on technology and more time focusing on your business.

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