Small and medium businesses looking to deploy a turnkey cost-optimized, easy-to-manage back-office application solution for email, calendar, file and print sharing, information collaboration, Internet Information Services (IIS), security services and remote access should consider server solutions from Alternative Network Technologies. Business Needs — Remote access, easy management for email and file/print, information collaboration, increased security of system and data, efficiently run business applications/databases and IIS. Benefits — Complete back-office application solution, including email, calendar, file and print, remote access, information collaboration and security services. Plan Your SBS Solution now! Alternative Network Technologies will help you choose the hardware that can meet your business needs. The power of a powerful server backup strategy Backing up your server is an essential task to be performed on a regular basis. By backing up your server data helps you to prevent data loss. It should be your regular job to backup your server, just like brushing your teeth. Backup can be done using two different methods, using automated software’s and the another way is to backup manually. You need to ensure that the backups are working properly and on regular basis. If you think or believe, that backups are not essential, check out the following points explaining, why you should always backup your dedicated server. The server data may includes other users data, for example, if you are hosting reseller and hosting a couple of websites for your clients or suppose if you have a large social media website consisting sensitive information posted by its users. Such users or clients completely rely on you to keep their sensitive information safe and secured. Although, if you have informed them to backup their own data, you should also backup the server data, just in case if they forget to backup. Having your backups ready also helps you in making your data migration easier. If you plan to move your data from old to a new server at the same location but on a different server, the backups will save you both time and money. Why Alternative Network Technologies? Alternative Network Technologies understands your company has unique needs and knows a one-size-fits-all approach to IT simply won’t do. That’s why we are focused on products and services that enable you to spend time on the things you care about most.

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