Alternative Network Technologies offers a complete plan of preventive maintenance services for desktop computers keeping them secure and operating at peak performance. If your company is wasting productive time managing desktop environments, or you are concerned about keeping pace with ever-changing desktop technology, then it’s the right time to consider Alternative Network Technologies’ Desktop Management Services. ANT manages all types of popular desktop environments for PCs and laptops. Our Desktop Management Services cover the whole ‘life cycle’ of desktop environments, from deploying the desktops, installing software, running the network and supporting the individual desktop user. Our service consists of the following tasks that are regularly carried out on each PC: Testing and Deployment of critical OS and software patches Deployment of latest operating system service packs Spyware and Virus Removal Regular updates and verification of anti-virus updates Removal of temporary files and internet “debris” Alternative Network Technologies provides customized solutions while keeping in mind your company’s requirements and size. Contact Us today to discuss your desktop support needs.

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